Mikael Teilmann Bertelsen has experience with recruitment and with mergers & acquisitions – among others from a position ashead of Central European Operations for Document Boss.

Mikael also worked as a consultant for the Danish company UniqueConsult in the Czech Republic.


Mikael Bertelsen is a native Dane, living in the Czech Republic since 1991 and is fluent in Czech, English and German, as well as the Scandinavian languages.


He has previously worked as key account manager in IBM Czech Rep. and further been a team member of the IBM Net-Generation Group. - Later he changed to the German software house IXOS, where he has been acting as regional Sales and Marketing Manager.


In 2009 created and led the Czech & Slovak branch for the Dutch industrial auction house Troostwijk Auctions. www.troostwijkauctions.com

The first assignment was the liquidation of the movable assets for the company “Siemens Kolejove Vozidla”, formerly ČKD. The auction was created as a 4+2 days electronic auction, containing more than 6000 items up for sale, the entire site was emptied in 4,5 months.


Mikael Teilmann Bertelsen


Since mid-2016, Mikael has been running the auction house Teilmann-Prokonzulta s.r.o., www.teilmann.cz among other selling off the assets of the companies TechnicTube & MART.


e-mail:    mikael@bertelsen.cz

Mobile:   +420 724 288 566